Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jersey Girl was accepted to this years Mid-Atlantic Exhibition sponsored by the Baltimore Watercolor Society. I was really sweating it 'cause I entered via CD which I burned myself without the tech support of either son ! And I was sure being chosen to the show last year was probably because of some lunar phase . The show will be at the Strathmore mansion in Rockville,MD , April 19 - May 25 .
There were close to 400 entries this year and juror Frank Francese chose 95 for the exhibit.
Yippppeeee! akhem, sorry, repeating myself.


  1. Yeah, congratualtions! Jersey Girl is such a great watercolor! - LE

  2. Fabuloso! I love cows. Great painting. Still enjoying your blogs.

  3. Congratulations Janet! It's a gorgeous watercolour.I wish you all the best!

  4. Hi Linda ! Glad you were able to get on and meet the other Jersey Girl ! Both with the same pretty eyes !

    Thanks Carol, for sticking with me. Though I'm worried you may need a life. Cows have such a sweet face , don't you think ?

    Anna, Wow . How did you find me ? I'm so glad to meet you via the web. Unfortunately, my high school Spanish experience was wasted. Perhaps you can refresh me ? Gracias !!