Friday, February 13, 2009

Ok. So here we are again. I'm not sure about this blogging thing. In my mind's eye I've thought of myself as somewhat of a writer with profoundly important things to say but this key board has begun to look like what I suppose a sheet of white paper looks like to someone just learning water color. ( Sorry Mrs. Mercer, I'm still prone to runon sentences ! ) When you talk to yourself you can say anything and not hit "spell check " every other word. And I can have those conversations with myself even while cutting the grass or ironing my husbands shirts ( yes, I still iron ). As if there weren't a shortage of hours in the day all ready, now I find myself in front of this thing even more than usual. And I'm the one who said that I would never have a job where I had to be at a computer all day. I LOVE looking at the blogs of other artists and diving into their websites. I can drop in unannounced and see what's new and pretend that we are long time friends. I do like the concept. I just wish it wasn't so addictive. I'll be on someones blog/website and see something I like and there's a link to someplace else, etc, etc. And instead of painting, I'm wrapped up in a tangle of webs (Good thing there's no physical webbing ). I'll try to post "Bangle Tangle " here. It was accepted in the Pennsylvania Water Color Society's show this past fall and this month is at The Artists Gallery in Frederick,MD in our group show. The PWS 2009 show prospectus came in the mail yesterday! Yikes ! I didn't know when I became a full time artist that I would have to paint full time !


  1. Janet, that is exactly how I feel about this blogging thing - love/hate it, really interesting arty bloggers out there but I do seem to waste a lot of time sitting here staring at the screen! Will visit you again, no doubt.

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  3. Thanks Carol for looking at my blog. Such a pleasant surprise to have a follower from the UK, or any where for that matter. The first three are silly friends of mine. They'll probably ask how much I paid you !
    Stop in again.