Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maggie (photo ) and I just came back from a walk. It's been way too long since we did so. We used to do it everyday for several years in all kinds of weather but I've had knee problems and decided to rest it. Then I got into a diferent routine, got lazy, etc, etc. It felt so nice . The weather was sunny but cool. We don't have any snow ( the photo is from a year ago) so there really was no excuse. We both almost forgot how to do it again. She wanted to pull on the leash like she did as a puppy but remembered to sit off the side of the road when a car approached. I only had to remind one drive that he was going too fast. Another reason why I think I took time off. I didn't like coming back home in an angry mood because of yelling at idiots to slow down. We'll see how the knee feels tomorrow and perhaps this is somthing we can work back into our day. It is always a way to clear my mind and think about new paintings to start or how to correct a problem with a current project. I was always anaxious to get back home and get started again. Maggie always come with me to the gallery when it's my turn to sit. She knows where to go by now and grabs the leash to walk herself up the steps . It's her job to lie at the door and bring people in. I mean really; who could resist ?


  1. Hi Janet! I had written something exceptionally witty and inspiring, but went to post and somehow deleted it. So, I to am not a blogger. Will try to be witty and inspiring again later. Love your blog...but where is the "Jersey Girl." Since I AM a "Jersey Girl" in more ways than one, I wanted to see that painting! I still love the corn, so I guess I am part of the group that are "The Children of the Corn." Love ya....Linda E

  2. Love Maggie and I am sure she is spoilt just like my two pups - Pippin and Pickles. We are walking twice a day at the moment. They are very energetic and wearing me out. Don't get so much time to paint but now and again they collapse in a heap on the floor of my painting room. What a relief! Love your paintings and your sense of humour/humor.

  3. Hi Carol
    Pippen, like the Hobbit or the play ? And Pickles like dill or the comic strip? Wish I knew you when Mags was a puppy. I wanted a really Scotish sounding name for her and Maggie was all I came up with. Partly too because she liked playing with a magnolia leaf when we would be in the yard. Little did I know 95 % of the female dogs here in the states are named Maggie. But what can I say, our first Sheltie was named Lassie !