Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jersey Girl was accepted to this years Mid-Atlantic Exhibition sponsored by the Baltimore Watercolor Society. I was really sweating it 'cause I entered via CD which I burned myself without the tech support of either son ! And I was sure being chosen to the show last year was probably because of some lunar phase . The show will be at the Strathmore mansion in Rockville,MD , April 19 - May 25 .
There were close to 400 entries this year and juror Frank Francese chose 95 for the exhibit.
Yippppeeee! akhem, sorry, repeating myself.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grattis Victoria och Daniel !
The Crown Princess of Sweden is engaged.....finally. The announcement was made today in Stockholm by the king and queen. Ah...things that could have been.... Perhaps if I had followed him around that art museum a little longer, who knows, I might have been mother of the bride.
....rrriiight. NAH.
In other news :
The Artists Gallery is winding down its members group show this month and looking forward to the 8 th annual BOX SHOW in March. Hope everyone has their box about finished. Once again I decided to overstate the obvious with mine. But more on that next week. The suspense builds.

Also of note: The boys are finding it hard to believe but their mother is now on Facebook. I'm not sure how but I managed to get in touch with 3 college friends so far. Yea, another computer thing to keep me logged on.

"Hi ! " to my new friends that started following this excuse for a blog. Hope some day there is something worth reading.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maggie (photo ) and I just came back from a walk. It's been way too long since we did so. We used to do it everyday for several years in all kinds of weather but I've had knee problems and decided to rest it. Then I got into a diferent routine, got lazy, etc, etc. It felt so nice . The weather was sunny but cool. We don't have any snow ( the photo is from a year ago) so there really was no excuse. We both almost forgot how to do it again. She wanted to pull on the leash like she did as a puppy but remembered to sit off the side of the road when a car approached. I only had to remind one drive that he was going too fast. Another reason why I think I took time off. I didn't like coming back home in an angry mood because of yelling at idiots to slow down. We'll see how the knee feels tomorrow and perhaps this is somthing we can work back into our day. It is always a way to clear my mind and think about new paintings to start or how to correct a problem with a current project. I was always anaxious to get back home and get started again. Maggie always come with me to the gallery when it's my turn to sit. She knows where to go by now and grabs the leash to walk herself up the steps . It's her job to lie at the door and bring people in. I mean really; who could resist ?

Friday, February 13, 2009

sigh....upload photo before composing.
Ok. So here we are again. I'm not sure about this blogging thing. In my mind's eye I've thought of myself as somewhat of a writer with profoundly important things to say but this key board has begun to look like what I suppose a sheet of white paper looks like to someone just learning water color. ( Sorry Mrs. Mercer, I'm still prone to runon sentences ! ) When you talk to yourself you can say anything and not hit "spell check " every other word. And I can have those conversations with myself even while cutting the grass or ironing my husbands shirts ( yes, I still iron ). As if there weren't a shortage of hours in the day all ready, now I find myself in front of this thing even more than usual. And I'm the one who said that I would never have a job where I had to be at a computer all day. I LOVE looking at the blogs of other artists and diving into their websites. I can drop in unannounced and see what's new and pretend that we are long time friends. I do like the concept. I just wish it wasn't so addictive. I'll be on someones blog/website and see something I like and there's a link to someplace else, etc, etc. And instead of painting, I'm wrapped up in a tangle of webs (Good thing there's no physical webbing ). I'll try to post "Bangle Tangle " here. It was accepted in the Pennsylvania Water Color Society's show this past fall and this month is at The Artists Gallery in Frederick,MD in our group show. The PWS 2009 show prospectus came in the mail yesterday! Yikes ! I didn't know when I became a full time artist that I would have to paint full time !

Sunday, February 8, 2009

OK....something happened to the photo for the following post. Can you tell I'm new at this ?
Last evening was the opening of a group show at The artists Gallery , a co-op in Frederick,MD of which I am a member. The place was elbow to elbow for most of the time but for a few moments members got to catch up on things with each other. This Linda Agar-Hendrix, Phyllis Jacobs, and Chris Stovall in front of my Jersey Girl . It's a great group of folks and talented artists and I am so happy to have found them. I didn't realize that for so long I was missing out on the support and feedback from other artists. It encourages one to go on.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Look out world, I'm blogging. It will take awhile to look nice like some of the ones I follow so have patience. I just learned I could do this last night. Below are some of my water colors.
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