Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grattis Victoria och Daniel !
The Crown Princess of Sweden is engaged.....finally. The announcement was made today in Stockholm by the king and queen. Ah...things that could have been.... Perhaps if I had followed him around that art museum a little longer, who knows, I might have been mother of the bride.
....rrriiight. NAH.
In other news :
The Artists Gallery is winding down its members group show this month and looking forward to the 8 th annual BOX SHOW in March. Hope everyone has their box about finished. Once again I decided to overstate the obvious with mine. But more on that next week. The suspense builds.

Also of note: The boys are finding it hard to believe but their mother is now on Facebook. I'm not sure how but I managed to get in touch with 3 college friends so far. Yea, another computer thing to keep me logged on.

"Hi ! " to my new friends that started following this excuse for a blog. Hope some day there is something worth reading.

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