Monday, December 27, 2010

Artcolony Gift Exchange

The Artcolony is an other blog that I participate in started by Jane Freeman in MN. I was totally blown away and excited when she asked me to become a member some time this year. It is a group of very talented artists that support each other in all matters more than just art. It is truely a great gathering of friends even thought most have never met.
So, the holidays were coming and Jane asked if any of us wanted to do a gift exchange (of paintings naturally ). Jane drew names and we partnered up. I was partnered with Verena Heroux. Proving again just how small the world is, Verena lives in North Carolina near Morehead City and I figure we probably passed each other on the street at least once. She is a wonderfully gifted water colorist featured in the Oct/Nov 2010 issue of International Artist magazine. I am so honored to have received this. Thank you Verena.