Monday, March 29, 2010

Susan Murphy and Art House

Several weeks ago I met Susan Murphy from Sandy Spring, MD and got to see the most lovely art studio/gallery I've ever seen. About a year ago, the Gazette newspaper ran an article on Susan's gallery and I was so impressed and envious that I cut out that article and photos for my cork board, wishing "some day maybe ..." (to have such a studio )
Fastforeward to this year and the Baltimore Water Color Society. I agreed to help line up workshops for the BWS in the next three years. I didn't know at the time I would be working with Susan and had quite forgotten about the article. The more I listened to her the more she seemed familar and then it all clicked to why I knew her.

Well, COLOR ME GITTY ! Not only is Susan an energetic volunteer and marvelously talented artist. She's an excellant teacher, open, funny,interesting person and she has two black cats ! ( Don't we all !? )

The Art House Gallery /Studio/School offers classes, framing, gilcee printing and much more. Stop in to meet Susan if you are coming through Maryland
and experience this place for yourself.
Untill then, you can visit her website :


Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Bat Wings, Twirrly & Other Things

More good news ! I was notified the other day that "Bat Wings & Twirrly Things" was chosen to be part of the Baltimore Water Color Society's Mid-Atlantic Regional show. Strange how these things play out. I like this painting for a few reasons, of course the colors and it fun to look at and find different things. But as for technical merit, it really is lacking. As it's creator, I feel I'm allowed to say that. I'm not sure at all why it was picked. There were 473 entries and I can't believe 377 others ( the show consists of 95 ) were of less interest. I have thought more than once that this could have or should have been painted in another medium. ( It still may.) Don't get me wrong, I am over joyed and excited to be included in this show ! I'm just surprised which painting was chosen. The other entry I submitted was of course Indian corn. So much for my reputation as the "Corn Lady". Ah Oh. No. I refuse to be the "Bat Lady".

Friday, March 5, 2010

I just returned from the UPS store to ship my painting to the MO Watercolor Society's national show. I'm so nervous I feel like when my son missed the bus from school on the first day and we had just moved to a new state not knowing anyone. ( It really happened ). I felt sure that I packaged it really well until I had to get in the car to come home. Self doubted all the way and a nap on the couch didn't help. I wouldn't give it a thought but I've seen others paintings arrive to shows in condition not hangable ( Bonny, is that a word ?) And it's ma baby. Sigh...I'll find out Wednesday. 'Tll then...
It's BOX SHOW time again at The Artists' Gallery, 4 East Church St, Frederick, MD. Once again I went for the humorous instead of the serious but I'm almost outta puns where boxes come into play. So this year I thought to do something totally "unbox" which would mean something sphere like and the result is "The Bowling Cube". As one friend said referring to her own bowling skill, "I couldn't do much worse with that than a regular bowling ball". The reactions have been "LOL" enthusiastic so I figure it's a successful project. Saturday evening is the opening reception 5:00 to 8:00. Stop in if your in town. But don't forget the closing reception and silent auction at the end of the month. It's always a blast.