Monday, May 3, 2010

I Heart New York

Friday, April 30,2010, The Baltimore Water Color Society took the annual trip to NYC to the American Water Color Society's show in NYC. What a beautiful, sunny, warm, Spring day we had to walk around Manhattan. The water color show was almost an after thought...almost.
" Partners in crime" were Debi Watson and Paul Kasmir from Landcaster,PA. Not sure who this other guy is that they picked up on the street...I'm guessing a can tell by the beard & sun glasses. They were actually waiting for me after crossing the street. (I was busy taking people photos). They were very tolerant.

I've been to NYC a few times but I must not have looked up. I don't remember seeing these "cartoon" water tanks on the roofs before. And if you zoom in, they seem to be made of wood ! It made me wonder what a plumbers nightmare the city must be !

The watercolor show was, as always, exceptional and I could spend the entire day there. But part of the trip includes a stop at the Metropolitan Museum which is wonderful too. If I sound underwhelmed, it's because there was so much art in one day, it was sensory overload.

The day went by much too quickly. While we were waiting to board the bus back to MD, I stopped to look at what the street venders were offering and found a great photo (not a print) in sepia of this winter in Central Park.
Debi and Paul have posts on their blogs which offer a great capsule of the day and more art photos ( I guess I was captivated by those cartoon water tanks ). Please go over and check out their views of the day. ,