Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to the 'Burgh

We were back to Pittsburgh,PA a couple weekends ago to my husbands 40th high school reunion. Actually Hopewell,PA but it's close enough to the 'Burgh. My friends know me to like to "knock" this part of the country and I figure it's OK because I come from around there myself. But it does have a lot going for it, too. Besides the obvious championship teams, there was a lot of history happened here during the settling of our nation. An important crossroads ( or rivers ) for commerce and departure for people heading west during the 17/1800s to the high tech industry which continues today, as well as notable schools of higher education and top notch medical centers. Not to mention the G 20 meeting held there last week. Pittsburgh knows how to make a great "first impression". First time visitors traveling from the airport to down town are greeted instantly to one of the most beautiful city skylines as they come through the Mt Washington "tube". The view jumps right atchya. The trip was topped off by bringing Milos mom back with us for a visit to the DC area. We took her to see the Space Shuttle near Dulles and in to the District to the American Indian Museum. She also got to spend some time with Henry ( Nicks Sun Conure ) but only through the bars. Henry has issues . Described as a two year old with a can opener on his face, he has trouble making new friends.