Friday, February 13, 2009

sigh....upload photo before composing.


  1. It does take a while to get the hang of composing posts on here - the formatting can be a real headache. You justify margins on one part, and then try to center text on another part, and....well, let's just say you don't get those hours of your life back! I've had to do some weird stuff to make some posts - don't forget the trick of using a bunch of periods to shove something over, and then change them to the background color so they don't show up. Brutal methods for brutal times.
    I like that painting, and of course that corn thing is off the charts. !

  2. Oh, Thanks Nick for the tip on the periods. That makes sense. I told a friend this was like moving furniture around. Ya get it to where ya think ya can live with it and then change a color etc and start over. You got that right about not getting the hours back. But I like the Amish saying : "Some times I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits ." One has to choose how to spend those hours.
    So glad you like the paintings ! Please feel free to tell me when you don't !