Thursday, May 19, 2011

Army of Women

Recently I spent a few days with two wonderful friends from North Carolina. We met at our favorite NC beach and caught up on families/kids news and picked up where we left off from the last time we'd seen each being silly. The above photo is mine from that trip although it is not of my two friends, it is symbolic of the friendship most women have or should have. One of my all time favorite movies is "Beaches" and this reminds me of that too. Now, having said all this...I just a few minutes ago made an appointment for my yearly mammogram. It seems more and more people I know have been affected by breast cancer, either having it themselves or someone they love. Another friend recently forwarded a link to "Army of Women" which is a data base for breast cancer research/trials/programs/etc. I have signed up. I do not (yet) have breast cancer or have a history in my family but I'm thinking perhaps this is something we could all do to help those who do or someday shall. Please follow the link and sign up if you can.
By the way, in the photo the two women are walking into the morning sunrise...not into the sunset. ;)


  1. This would make a fabulous painting!

  2. Hi Barbara ! Thanks ! I thought so too !