Thursday, June 9, 2011

Artcolony in Chicago

I'm home from a most wonderful trip to Chicago where I met with nine other artists from all around the country. The original group was to consist of more but schedules took priority and they couldn't come this trip. All of us are members of another blog called "Artcolony". Some have been members for years and had never met so they decided it was time and picked a central location and familiar area to two of our group. Without them we would have been lost...quite literally. Thank you Debbie & Mary. We toured around the city snapping thousands of reference photos for future paintings, cramming in visits to the Art Institute, the architecture boat tour, Dick Blick retailer (art supplies of course ), a zoo, botanical gardens, rides on the EL train, the "Bean" and of course reeeely good restaurants. We returned home, all of us exhausted and sore, with less money but rich with photos that should keep us busy for years and friendships that will last even longer.

Kaaren Oreck (WI), me (MD), Mary Jansen (IL), Debbie Cannatella (TX), Nita Hoyt (TX), Ellie Sethman (CA), Cindy Agan (IN), Maryiln Wear (CA), Jane Freeman (MN) & Mollie Jones


  1. I am so glad I got to meet you and get to know you better, Janet! I'm ready for the next retreat already! This one was so much fun.

    P.S. I just "followed" your blog so you'll be in my sidebar blog list now.

  2. Hey...great photo...I'm gonna lift it. Wasn't that just the most wonderful trip and adventure ever? Loved meeting you and getting to know you IRL. I'm ready for a "rerun"... Wish we'd had time to talk some art...why didn't we? Oh, guess we all needed some sleep between our Chicago touring.