Friday, May 6, 2011

More Snowy Hydranges

Half sheet of Arches Cold Press with Winsor / Newton paints.

Full sheet ( 22" x 30" ) Arches Cold Press with Daniel Smith paints.

I needed see these two side by side to compare. ( The first was auctioned to help the tsunamie victims in Japan. ) I was trying to get more subtle shapes with the blossoms in the second painting. Not sure I accomplished that. As it photographed I don't see much difference in the values just the colors.
It's not untaped yet so I may go back in. But I'll let it "cure" over night & take an other look later.



  1. I like them both, maybe the 1/2 sheet a bit more. I use mostly Daniel Smith paints and love them; how about you?

  2. Hi Deb ! Thanks so much. I actually went ahead and reworked some areas. I like it better and it's closer to what I was going for. But I can't take it any farther. I'm just getting to know DS paints. They do seem a little different, a bit "creamy". Does that make sense ? What do you think ?

  3. great work, amazing
    i like the arches too. But i Paint wiith Schminke here in Switzerland have i never seen Daniel Smith
    But i'am pretty satisfied.
    Happy painintg Stephanie

  4. Hi Stephanie !
    I understand Schminke is wonderful! I have a friend from Belgium who uses them. I all ways used Winsor/Newton until I saw Daniel Smith sample "dots". I think if you "Google" DS, you may be able to get the samples from them.
    Thanks for visiting !

  5. These are exquisite! I love how you can achieve a whole different mood with the colors in each. Your such a talented artist, I'm inspired by your work!