Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 15,1979 Thirty years ago !

Last weekend we were invited to a surprise birthday party for our son and one of his friends. Those involved reserved the upstairs of Ryleighs in Baltimore, a great bar and seafood restaurant . It's one of their favorite hangouts and I can see why, too. The food was great and the entire area around Cross Street Market is full of festive atmosphere.

Inspite of, or because ,we had moved a few times in his young life, Nick always found it easy to make and keep friends. By the number in attendence that night it looks like he's kept quite a few. Thanks Kit for including us in the fun !
Happy 30 th Nick !


  1. Good lookin' boy, Janet! I have two boys. Your son sounds like my youngest. He makes and keeps friends easily. too. My 'baby' will be 33 this year! Where does the time go?

  2. Hi Billie ! I guess the years went some where when we weren't looking. I'm not old enough to have a 30 year old son, geeze. ( I always introduce the boys as my two better creations )
    Do you have any girls ?
    Thanks for the comments and thanks for looking in !

  3. No girls here and it's too late for me to have a daughter so I'm praying for a good DIL instead. Casey, the youngest has a great GF right now that I adore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed..........

  4. How can you paint with crossed fingers ? :)
    Ever get down to Ann Arbor? We were there for about 1 1/2 years. Still trying to get that fight song outta my head.

  5. Sorry I didn't get back to reply sooner, Janet. I've been trying to paint with crossed fingers. It's hard!

    I used to travel downstate several times a year but don't any longer. I hope you can get rid of that fight song somehow. I hate when that happens.;)

  6. Billie ! Just cross the left hand ! (or right ) Works much better.
    Nice to find other silly artists.