Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ohio Girls Meet Jersey Girl

Timing is everything . Several weeks ago my sister called and wanted to know if I was "up for company ". She knows she never has to ask . I welcome her visits anytime especially when her daughter comes along. We've made so many memories, the three of us! Anyway, last weekend when they came was also the time of the BWS reception at the Strathmore in Rockville, Md.

The show is great; consisting of 95 wonderful paintings by well know artists of the Mid-Atlantic region. This is the second year I've been selected to take part...I don't want to say I'm getting a big head or anything, but I was feeling pretty proud that Sunday afternoon. ( And after all, Debi Watson said in her blog today that it's ok to brag. )

We have lived many places most of which are no where near to the rest of family so to have a cheering section all my own at something like this is really special.


  1. Hi Janet. You are allowed to brag from time to time and no wonder you feel proud of your work being selected for this prestigious show. After all we are humans and like being loved, don't we?. Congratulations!

  2. Gracias Maria ! I'm learning to accept accolades graciously or trying, but I will never be any good at self promotion. I guess that's why they invented agents. But you have to become successful to afford them ! Thus : "Skejch22" ( Sketch 22 was already taken )

  3. Wow Janet. Who ever thought that you would be a great artist after our KD days at Westminster! I am a happily retired special ed teacher and Hank and I just moved to Allentown, PA last July. Please let me know when you will be showing your work because Hank and I are always looking for interesting places to go. Betsie (Gurley) Kunkel

  4. Hi Betsie !! Wondered what happened to you ! I just 20 mins ago walked in the door from seeing "TooToo" Devine off at Dulles airport! She is passing through. "Great artist"? Hoped maybe, but took nothing for granted. Always learning. I'll let you know if I get into the PA Watercolor show this year. Perhaps we can meet up then . Thanks for peeking in !