Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Salt Experiments & Dots


Here's the latest. I still have some touch ups to do because I did a little experiment on it and now have to go back & fix some things. The top photo is the way it is now before fixes. The next photo is the way it was BEFORE the experiment.

I started the piece by putting salt & light pigment on the areas that are snow. I was very happy with the results and so thought when the rest was done I should go back and do some more salt there. Well, it didn't add anything more to the piece but taking off the salt residue afterwards lifted some of the color from the darkest areas so I need to go back in & tiddy up those spots.

Now HERE's a bit of FUN !! I found out via Facebook & Jane Freeman that Daniel Smith has these wonderful pages of dots. They are samples of all the watercolor pigments they make. Ya just take a wet brush & go over them to see what they look like & how they act on the paper. I had no idea that Daniel Smith made such beautiful colors. I've always used Winsor & Newton & some DiVinci before. Now I want ALL of these !!!


  1. Beautiful! What size is this? I would be afraid to get the dots, I would want all new paints too :)

  2. Hi Krista ! Thanks so much !This is a half sheet of Arches #140 cold press.
    Oh, go ahead & get some dots ! They were addictingly fun !

  3. Beautiful painting. You gotta get Daniel Smith paint - I swear, they should put me on the payroll! Their colors are fantastic; American made; they can answer your questions and they will replace if you have a problem. Have fun with the "dots" - you will be sold on DS paints!

  4. Hi Deb !
    I know, I want them ALL ! I think I'm sold on DS paints without even trying them yet! Thanks for looking in on me.

  5. Hi, J1! Just thought I'd check in to see what kind of trouble you're getting in to. LOVE your latest piece! Good to see you're experimenting and playing with new toys. Way to go!

  6. Did you get any Daniel Smith? I've bought a few and they are FABULOUS! I'm a huge fan of their Quinacrodones.