Saturday, January 8, 2011


Deadlines approaching and I've not been as productive as I should have been. But I did manage to get this ready to enter the Baltimore Watercolor Society Mid-Atlantic. I started it just before Christer & Jessica's wedding in October and then there were a few holidays in between. While doing it I kept hearing tidbits from Judy Morris' workshop and was "haunted" by what she called "ghosts". These are little spots in the paintings where lines might stop incomplete/unconnected or not line up. This probably happens in my paintings because I tend to work on an area then move on and then come back again, perhaps not completing the second area before moving on to a third. I really think this is one of the secrets that make the difference between a good painting and a great painting; a completed painting. More learning done on this one.


  1. Janet this is fantastic, the colors and the shadows are perfect. Absolutely love the dark background really makes it pop!

  2. Like Krista, I find this painting absolutely fantastic. It is so luminous and your colors are so transparent! Fabulous!

  3. Beautiful piece, lots of detail, very interesting to look at.

  4. Hi Krista !
    Hi Christiane !
    Hi Sam !
    Thanks for looking in here! I wasn't sure anyone was reading this any more because I posted so much personal stuff, ie. weddings & vacation. Ha!
    Thank you for the nice things said. I do like all the colors in Indians corn. One can get carried away. But I only used 6 on this one, predominately Quin Gold, my newest favorite and Windsor Purple with Aliz crimson & Antwerp Blue.
    Thanks again.

  5. Janet, if this isn't a winner in the competition the judges are crazy. You've outdone yourself.

  6. Wow, this is beautiful, a definite winner in my book, great work!

  7. Hi Billie ! Wouldn't go that far but thanks for the vote of confidence. ;)

    Hi Deb ! Thanks for looking in ! I like your book !