Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday was a day for friends. An old one : The Little White Girl (Whistler)
A new one: Vickie Branas (above right) and getting to know better
one whom I've come to know through the world of water color ( Debi Watson) . The three of us spent an enjoyable day at the National Gallery in DC. The crowds were gone, the weather was miserable and it was a perfect day to spend inside surrounded by art. These little trips always get the juices going, to keep painting and renews my interests. It is especially nice to have friends along to share the expeience.


  1. Actually I think it's just called The White Girl, and it's almost always placed at the end of the series of entrances. Museums seem to employ that device with their star paintings, such as Sargent's Pailleron children in Des Moines. Legend has it The Master didn't finish the White Girl's hands because he knew he couldn't do them as beautifully as the rest of the picture. I'm an encyclopedia of Whistler trivia! Looks like a nice day with Debi and friend. Was Mrs. Adrian Iselin, displayed? A distant relative, famous for her little finger, not to mention the imperious countenance.

  2. Oops! My Bad. And I checked my Whistler info to be sure...just didn't "doublecheck". Mixed this "friend" with another of his. But not surprising, my mind being what it is. You & Eleanora ? No Way ! Now wait...there is a slight resemblance... ;)