Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm STILL here !

 Wow ! It's been forever since I've blogged any thing ! I'm so sorry..just incase there is any one left out there looking in. The above photo is a gathering of a few small paintings done at the beginning of the years for a show this month. A friend fro the Baltimore Watercolor Society invited me to join about six others for a show in Sykesville, Maryland.

The one below you may remember from loooong ago...I posted it as WIP and after a few missteps with other paintings, I decided to finish this one.  It is from a photo I took while in Chicago about a year ago with members of the Artcolony....another blog listed at the side.


  1. Very nice Janet. I really like the white frames very simple and clean, artwork really stands out.

  2. Hi Krista ! Thanks for looking in ! Sorry the photo wouldn't load larger. Guess I'm out of practice.

  3. Janet Janet Janet! just beautiful. Do you frame yourself. Love your work my friend. xxx

  4. Hey there Christiane ! So nice to see your cutie pie face here ! Thanks so much ! Yes, I do my own framing...I'm too cheap to do it any other way even though others do it much better !!
    Love you too.