Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pittsburgh Aqueous Open 2011

Good news came in the mail the other day. Frosty Breakfast was admitted to the 2011 show in Pittsburgh, PA. This is a show that I remember my prof in college talking about all the time and I always thought, "Yeah, maybe someday..." . Gee wizz, I never expected that I'd be in it three years in a row ! I've had so many nice comments from friends about this painting and I'm sooo appreciative. It really was fun to do & reminds me so much of where I grew up in western PA. But it is actually from just around the corner from me here in MD.

The 65 th Annual Aqueous Open will be at Gallery Sim, 1735 E Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA from Sept 25 through Oct 30, 2011.

I'll be away for a short time starting tomorrow, but I hope to come home to more good news. Keep your fingers crossed for me and THANKS for looking in here !


  1. Wow congratulations!! And it's so well deserved because it is an amazing work. You can feel how cold it is just by looking at it!

  2. Thanks Crystal ! Just what we need in this heat, maybe !
    Thanks for looking in !

  3. many congratultions Janet. It is a worthy piece and certainly no surprise it was chosen.
    Way late on this post but had to do so.

  4. Hi Gary !!
    I was having problems with blogger where I could comment but now I hope I've got things worked out now. Thanks for stopping by to say hi !!