Monday, August 17, 2009

Becca and Jared Are Married

This past Saturday our niece Rebecca and Jared were married on the beautiful grounds of Hartwood mansion near Pittsburgh, PA. Of course everything was out of this world gorgeous; the bride, the groom, the setting, the day. Well, it was beastly hot but that's just one more memory for the book.
I snapped more than a few photos and a good many will be put in the "to paint " pile which grows higher each day. Hope you see one or two of these sometime soon.


  1. What wonderful pictures and memories, the last picture is wonderful, would make a great painting!

  2. Thanks Krista.
    I thought so too when I saw the kids photo "happen". These two are brother & sister, niece & nephew of the bride. They were a hoot, all dressed up and in their bare feet. Wished I could have joined them!!

  3. Congratulations :-)
    I agree about the last photo. The light is phenomenal. It would be /will be a great painting!