Friday, July 17, 2009

Wow, where does the time go ? It's not like I haven't been on the computer. Just having too much fun reading others blogs and playing on Facebook with friends. Now it's back to work with all engines full.
This is a piece I started last week for my niece from a photo she took in London. Quite a surprise when she sent me the photo. I was expecting a London street or quaint European village. She said she just thought it was really funny to see this car in a store window.
It's a full sheet done with transparent watercolor. I'm having a grand time with all the reflections which are time consuming but I don't find too difficult but it does give me renewed respect for John Salminen.(Looking forward to his workshop with the BWS in 2011 !!) I plan (hope) to continue with what you see overall then go back to deepen the darks with out overworking. I also am not satisfied yet with the reds. I am never satisfied with reds. If any one out there knows what reds W. Homer used, please clue me in. It's been a constant search for years. I even went back to the exhibit at the National Gallery several times esp. to take notes while pouring over his paints and sketches. You know that warm, orange/red, geranium red ? Any way, hopefully the darker darks will make the reds jump. This is only the first wash to establish the lightest areas.
I haven't posted work in progess before ( too insecure ). If I'm away too long, you'll know I'm still at it. Becca, don't peek.


  1. looks wonderful so far, can't wait to see it finished.

  2. looks like a real challenge! check out the window reflection series of David Burge, too

  3. Hi Krista !
    Yeah ! Me Too ! LOL
    You're too kind. Thank you.

    Hey there Nicholas,
    I had forgotten about Davids reflection series ! Thank you for reminding me. I could see right away with this one that simplifing things would be the challenge. David and John Salminen do it so well. Thanks for checkin' up on me.

  4. A WIP? Wow, are gutzy! I've posted a few...after the painting was done and I knew it was successful. LOL

    Not sure what red you're looking for. You might try pyrrols. They sure pack a punch.

  5. this is gonna be a fun piece. Will have to check it out when finished.

  6. Hi Billie !
    Great AFTER the piece is successful ! Duh. Why did "WIP" remind me of "RIP" ? Maybe I should "bury" this now. :0

    Hi Gary !
    Are we having fun yet ? Really, it is. ;)