Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friends and computers

Imagine yourself doing a daily task as food shopping or running errands and you meet someone from your past. Not just anyone but a really, really good friend that you haven't seen for years. This is someone that once upon a time with whom you spent countless hours, sharing great times, bad times, stressfull times and times of unimaginable happiness. Now, multiply that person by about 20. Some of you know where this is leading. Yes, I have fallen victim to FACEBOOK.
A colleague told me about it a few weeks ago and how she had found several friends . I'm sure we all at one time or another think about friends from long ago and wonder why we've lost track of each other. The phrase "Life gets in the way " comes to mind.
I have moved numerous times since leaving my hometown in 1969. I have lived overseas and in five states along the east coast. I've had many experiences meeting many, many people, always making very good friends that are always hard to leave. I have imagined more than once what it would be like to have a party with all the freinds I have from all over the world, seeing them all together in one room. It would give new meaning to the word reunion.
Facebook is a little bit like that. The good thing is that we can't see the effects that time and fast food has had on us. In my minds eye these people are still 19 years old and dragging themselves across the quad to a mid-term test or celebrating its end with an illegal brew.
In past posts I have bemoaned the addiction to this computer, recalling having said how I could never have a job where I would be sitting here all day. I still hate finding myself here. I know there are other things that need tending. But I've always been a people person. And although I highly value times alone, I enjoy the company of friends. So, I suppose this computer has its good points. It hasn't created any more time in the day and in some ways has made the world a little more impersonable, think self scan checkouts. But if when the time comes that I am UNable to leave this chair due to age or physical limitations, it's good to know I can still be a people person.

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